Our Mission

Our Mission is to help millions of professionals worldwide change their lives & grow their businesses by using MinkLife Motivation's training system, allowing every person to live healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilled.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to teach personal, business, brand and network development through our Principles Program to create a community that generates economic opportunities for our Affiliates and allows Licensed Trainers to duplicate the Principles Program's expertise in the communities they serve.  


Principles Program

Our vision is to:

  • To create a program that supports their personal & business growth. ​

  • To support  our clients to build strong mutually beneficial and authentic relationships both in life and business​.

  • To guide our clients to create strategies that support business optimization and visibility​.

  • To educate our clients on how to  create a balanced and organized time management system. ​

  • To aid our clients in aligning actions to goals to allocate and maximize resources.

MinkLife University is a community of Trainers and Experts who believe in the power of collaboration to optimize our clients' businesses. We apply our collective expertise through service and education. By utilizing our MinkLife Motivation Principles, we provide our community a platform of online and offline exposure that increases their network and networth. 


Licensed Trainer Program

Our vision is to:

  • To license trainers to use The Principles Program as a means to spread the system's expertise around the world. 

  • To build a community of professionals that improves their individual business's performance with the system and the communities they serve. 

  • To create a library of tools and resources for the betterment of the MinkLife Motivators community.


Affiliates Program

Our vision is to:

  • To develop a community of Subject Experts, whose brands and businesses support the Principles Program. 

  • To expand our Affiliates' businesses through MinkLife Digital Media outreach channels,  MinkLife Community Events and MinkLife paid leads. 

  • To promote collaborations that diversify and expand their networks which maximizes their business's profits and reach.

Our Leadership

I am Monica M Henderson._I am committed

Monica M Henderson, author, president and founder of MinkLife Motivation, has over twenty years of expertise as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, consultant and coach. Her background as a board executive, combined with her experience as an entrepreneur, positions her with a unique skill set to help individuals and organizations grow and prosper.


Monica’s experience includes management and executive positions with Kohl’s, TEAM Referral Network, Pomona Neighborhood Center Inc., and Friends of GALA. As an entrepreneur she has personally launched and led successful businesses and been instrumental in the success of many others. In addition, she has consulted for dozens of world-class companies including Keller Williams, Mass Mutual, Farmers Insurance, New York Life, and LAUSD.


Monica is a recognized expert in the field of leadership and execution. Her realization that most people have dreams to live their best life but struggle with actually living it, led her to the development of MinkLife Motivation Principles. Monica has spoken at Global Entrepreneurship Export Exchange, LA’s Largest Mixer and has been a guest speaker on podcasts, webinars and workshops. She is a sought after speaker, educating and inspiring thousands each year. 


Her office is located in Los Angeles and services clients all over the world.


She is the founder of Mink Socialite Society, owner of Mink Couture, President of Friends of GALA, and Los Angeles Metropolitan Area Director of TEAM Referral Network.


She resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Kerry Henderson, who is a prominent realtor in Downtown Los Angeles and her daughter, Monica, who is a student philanthropist and athlete.


She would love to travel the world doing missions and learning the dances of native people world wide.


The roots of her success are having a quantity of quality, over delivering value and leaving everything better than how it was found.

Our Creator & Founder | Monica Henderson


Our University Founder | Londen Gatewood

I am the Founder of Aunternticy for Life,  Co-Founder and Affiliates Director of MINKLife Motivational Principles. I have worked in the field of Psychology for over 8 years. I have worked in various positions serving a variety of populations.  


I have worked throughout the County of Los Angeles from the inner cities of Compton, South Los Angeles, South Bay area, South La, Greater Los Angeles Area, San Fernando Valley, and Palmdale area.  


I have serviced various populations as a mental health professional within several different agencies such as Star View Children and Family Services, Vista Del Mar, Coalition for Responsible Community Development, Weber Community Center, Open Paths Counseling Center, Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services and MINKLife Motivational Principles.

I am currently a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I concluded my studies at Antioch University Los Angeles with a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, Specialization in Psychological Trauma. Clinically I like to help my clients heal from past traumas so that they can live out their most authentic life. As they walk through the healing process I am firm supporter that helps them empathically confront their fears and take lead on their lives, again.  


Some of my favorite hobbies are to travel, cook, and get outside. I really enjoy seeing different places to experience culture. I also love to write and create. In my free time, I find myself becoming inspired by interior design and fashion. However, I do feel most alive when I’m able to connect with nature. Getting outside planting in the garden, swimming, jet ski, going on a hike, or just a bike ride at the beach is one of my greatest past times. 


I find my greatest purpose in motivating others. I have not only found that it creates joy for me to see others living true to themselves, but it is very rewarding. To be able to get close and witness someone else's dreams is such a blessing. Outside of helping people become their best selves, I am a person who loves to laugh. Finding joy in sharing a laugh with others is better than anything. I am also a pretty good cook, I might say! I love to create new dishes and have others try them. It is a joy to have those you love around you eating and enjoying the moments you share. 


The root of my success is to be able to help others live their most beautiful lives as their most authentic self. If I can be a motivation or inspiration for someone else to explore their dreams and overcome fear, then I have succeeded. Success is measured by the quality of life that you are able to live. Not by the material gains but the non-tangible moments that express your truest and deepest desires. 

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