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Our Mission is to help millions of professionals worldwide change their lives & grow their businesses by using the MinkLife Motivation’s training system, allowing every person to live healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilled.

Our Vision is to teach personal, business, brand, and network development through our Principles Program to create a community that generates economic opportunities for our Affiliates and allows Licensed Trainers to duplicate the Principles Program's expertise in the communities they serve.  

Monica Henderson 
Founder & Creator of MinkLife Motivation

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This is not another coaching program! This is a training system designed to help you achieve the results you have been looking for in an organized and efficient way.


We have a proven system to help you get unstuck, organized, and well on your way to life and business success designed by you!   

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We are a community of career-mind entrepreneurs who come together to level up for ourselves, our businesses, and our world!

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