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Meet Our Trainers 

Monica Henderson

  • Founder  MinkLife Motivation, LLC. 

  • Creator of MinkLife Motivation Principles

  • Motivational Comedian

  • Loves dancing 

Genius Activator

Monica MinkLife Frame.png


Published in  2020

Master trainer badge.png



  • Founder Connect Develop Succeed

  • Creator of Fall in Love with Follow-Up Experience

  • Relationship Development Strategist

  • Master Connector at 5000+ networking events in 20 years

Follow-up Fortune Finder

Colleen MinkLife Frame.png

Influence Booster

Certified in 2021

IB Trainer Badge.png

Marilyn Robinson

  • Founder & Creator of Enjoyable Life's Journey

  • Supporter of Super Moms 

  • Retired from High Tech at 42 years of age

  • A fabulous cook and loves outdoor activities

Life Navigation Specialist

Marilyn MinkLife Frame.png

Business Maximizer

Certified in  2022

BM Trainer Badge.png


The Joy Ignitor

  • Creator & Founder of Be YoSelf Everyday

  • Energy Producing International Speaker

  • Certified fitness, health, and life trainer

  • Mom of 3/"Yammie" of 5

  • Best lame joke teller EVER!

Motivational Comedian/Coach

Yo MinkLIfe Frame.png

Life Calibrator

Certification Pending

LC Trainer Badge.png



  • Founder & Creator of Well Being & Worth

  • Functional Nutrition Mentor

  •  Timeline Therapy Practitioner

  • Life and Health Strategist and Mindset Coach

  • Professional Networker 

T.H.R.I.V.E. Strategist

Andrea MinkLIfe Frame.png

Master Trainer

Certified in 2020

Master trainer badge.png



  • Founder & Creator of SmartMove360 LLC.

  • Education Facilitator

  • Diabetes Healthcare Expo Producer

  •  Loves to laugh till she cries 🤣  

Healthy Strategist

Irina MinkLife Frame.png

Life Calibrator

Certified in 2021

LC Trainer Badge.png



  • Creator of the Headshot Strategist® Program

  • Certified Professional Photographer with over 33 years of experience.

  • Known as the most industry-savvy headshot photographer in Los Angeles.

Headshot Strategist

Peggy Minklife Frame.png

Brand Builder

Certified 2022

BB Trainer Badge.png



  • Owner of Denise Belisle In Motion Coaching

  • Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach,  HealthCoachTraining®, and Positive Intelligence Coach 

Serenity Expert

Denise MinkLife Frame.png

Life Calibrator

Certification Pending

LC Trainer Badge.png
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