Disrupting Negative Mind Patterns

Our minds are hard wired for survival. Many of us have put it in our minds that some ideas concepts or habits are for our survival that may actually be for our detriment or may be outdated information.

How we can change our minds is by applying the scientific method:

Step 1- Question.

Step 2-Research.

Step 3-Hypothesis (Make an educated Guess)

Step 4-Experiment. Test the hypothesis.

Step 5-Observations.

Step 6-Results/Conclusion.

We must come to a conclusion base on what we learn and look for information that proves or disproves it. The beautiful part about our lives is, if we observe something to be presenting as true in about ourselves, we can change our actions to prove the opposite. If you are trying to become a hard worker but all of your previous actions add up to you being an underachiever, you can choose to prove it wrong by embodying attributes that are of a hard-working person. In time, those habits will become what you are known for, and the perception of you will change to be what you desire, that you are a hard worker.

What our job is right now is to overcome the obstacles for self doubt, scarcity and worry. Listen to your thoughts and watch your actions or behaviors. Start asking questions about who you are in relation to your world. What thoughts and actions are contributing to your success or detriment? What thoughts or actions are holding you back from your dreams? What thoughts or actions are helping you to grow? Differentiate which thought and actions are protecting your ego and which are preserving your dream.

Define what attributes you would like to embody. Research what it would take to acquire the skills you need to maintain that level of excellence. Create hypothesis in the form of goals. What steps will you need to take to make the transformation. Try it over and over again, and record what you learn from each attempt. Use what you have learned to adjust. Observe your progress and what you have learned. Celebrate your results, rather minor or major, you have made progress and learn more about yourself in the process.

When you learn to play the mind game correctly, you begin to take ownership of your thoughts and can overcome any mental obstacles that you are up against.

Anyone can change their own mind patterns, but some of us may need help observing our thoughts or talking through what we are thinking. That is why having a coach/trainer and a therapist is so important. It was important to me when creating my program that our clients are supported by licensed psychotherapist who can help facilitate the processing of deep-seated thoughts, emotions and actions.

If you don’t have a coach or a therapist to help you, or you need resources to work through your own self talk, I can connect you to a trainer and a therapist who will be able to help. We also have resources on our website for you to reference. You are not alone!

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