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Motivational Monday Edition

MinkTalks! Open Mic

MinkTalks: 10-Minute Talks to Motivate and Inspire

Get Motivated. Stay Inspired. Keep Networking. Gain Knowledge.


The Mission:
Our goal is simple yet profound: inspire you to live a healthier, wealthier, and more fulfilled life. MinkTalks brings you the motivation to take that next step toward your dreams.


The Momentum:
Step up and join the competition! Whether it’s a motivational speech, a song, a comedy set, or a poem, you have 10 minutes to shine. This is your chance to earn bragging rights and share your passion with the world.


The Zone:
Tap into your zone of genius and create a 6-minute piece that makes people stop scrolling and start commenting. Your unique talent can capture attention and inspire others.


The Signs:
Every week, the participant who gets the most votes will win the competition. It's your time to shine and show what you’ve got!


The Conclusion:
Winners will be invited to perform again in our finals for a chance to be crowned the Champion. This is your moment to make a lasting impact.

Join Us for Fun and Inspiration
There’s no cost to participate—just pure motivation and a chance to have fun with friends. Let’s inspire the world together!

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